Paul Tucker is the author of Unelected Power and Global Discord, a Fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School, and a former central banker.



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In the debate about interest rates, central banks are the key protagonists. Their decisions have far-reaching consequences, but unlike democratically elected governments, their power is not vested in them by way of election. Is this a problem? Sir Paul Tucker, former Deputy Governor of the Bank of England, and Professor Otmar Issing, former chief economist and former member of the Executive Board of the ECB, discuss the topic in an exchange of emails.

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The limits of central banks’ independence – public support? Policy Exchange, 10 May, 2018
Policy Exchange was pleased to welcome Sir Paul Tucker to launch his book Unelected Power: The quest for legitimacy in central banking and the regulatory state. The book explores two issues that Policy Exchange takes a serious interest in: monetary policy and financial market regulation, and the tendency for policy decisions to be taken by technocratic elites that are removed from direct political guidance and oversight. These are the issues that are at the heart of our Judicial Power Project. They are also reflected in a wider range of institutional questions touching on matters ranging from utility regulation to competition policy.

Who do ‘rock-star’ central bankers answer to? Financial Times, 10 May, 2018

Tucker: Transparency Is Important, The Age of Mystique is Gone  Bloomberg Surveillance, 10 May, 2018
Paul Tucker, Former Deputy BOE Governor and Author of ‘Unelected Power,’ believes that Central Bankers are becoming the poster boys & girls of people making decisions that we didn’t elect.

A veteran central banker’s advice to Congress and the Fed on how best to preserve the Fed’s independence Brookings Institution, 9 May, 2018
Paul Tucker, drawing from his 33 years as a central banker, says that Congress should be much more specific about the objectives it wants the Federal Reserve to achieve and the Fed should try harder to explain what it’s doing.

The Exchange: Putting limits on central-bank power Reuters, 4 May, 2018
Central bankers emerged from the financial crisis with more clout than ever before. Can this be reconciled with democratic legitimacy? Former Bank of England Deputy Governor Paul Tucker explains why monetary authorities have become “overmighty citizens”, and how to rein them in.

Reducing the Power, The London Institute of Banking and Finance, Financial WorldApril 2018

Central banks ‘lack firepower needed to deal with recession  The Times, 30 April, 2018
The Bank of England may face questions about its legitimacy should another recession strike before it has raised interest rates and rebuilt its monetary policy war chest, a former deputy governor has warned.

We haven’t killed off the culture of greed, warns Sir Paul Tucker  The Times, 12 Aug., 2017
Sir Paul Tucker, former deputy governor of the Bank of England, remembers the run on Northern Rock rather differently from the televised images of queues snaking out of the one-time building society’s branches nearly a decade ago.

Sir Paul Tucker warns of complacency on bank risk Financial Times, 30 Nov.,2017
Sir Paul Tucker, the former deputy governor of the Bank of England, has warned policymakers to increase banks’ equity capital requirements to avoid projecting a false sense of security about the likelihood of coping smoothly with the failure of large banks.

Central banks ‘have never been on thinner ice’ MarketWatch, 8 Oct., 2016

The objectives of financial stability policy VOX CEPR’s Policy Portal, 28 Feb., 2016
The objective of financial stability policy is unclear. Is it the resilience of the financial system, avoiding the costs of systemic collapse, or managing the credit cycle, containing the costs of resource misallocation and over-indebtedness? This column argues that the answers have serious implications for what can decently be delegated to independent ‘macroprudential authorities’, but have barely been debated in those terms.

Former BoE deputy Sir Paul Tucker to chair US advocacy group Financial Times, 9 Dec., 2015
Paul Tucker, the former Bank of England deputy governor, has vowed to use his role as chair of a regulatory advocacy group to ensure policymakers’ commitment to reform the financial system does not wane as the crisis fades from memory.

Bank regulators need strong principles and firm rulesFinancial Times, 18 June, 2014

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